Chef Jon Ortiz – Louisiana Food Prize Finalist

Chef Tootie doing what she does so well.

A big shout out to Noble Savage Tavern chef Jon Ortiz on being the FIRST local chef named a 2020 Louisiana Food Prize invitee. For you Food Prize newbies out there, this is a big deal, a chance for the chef to win fame, acclaim and a (small) fortune as the eventual winner of the coveted Golden Fork. Ortiz joins the ranks of other downtown chefs so nominated over the first four years of the event including Chef Tootie Morrison of Abby Singer’s Bistro who went on to win the inaugural Golden Fork competition!

What happens next is that Chef Ortiz will host a custom meal for the Society of the Golden Fork, persons who have paid for the opportunity to attend a series of amazing meals hosted by finalist chefs. The eight chefs with the most votes advance to compete in the Semifinals, and from there, they are on the road to the finals- the Golden Fork competition which will occur in the middle of Texas Street during the 2020 Louisiana Film Prize Festival.

Congratulations to Chef Ortiz! You can try the chef’s creations M-F for lunch at Noble Savage Tavern, 417 Texas, 11 am- 2 pm and for dinner and light late meals on Tues.- Sat. 5 pm- 2 am.