The flu has -rightfully- taken a backseat to Covid over the last couple of years, but medical professionals are warning that it never went away; we just managed to avoid it with mask-wearing and hand washing. Medical experts are warning that since mask-wearing is -by and large- over, the flu will be back with a vengeance this year. It’s the visitor no one wants and we have an easy way to prevent it!

Pharmacists from Brookshire’s Pharmacy will be at the Shreveport DDA office at 416 Cotton Street Monday, Oct. 24, from 10am until noon administering  flu shots.  No reservation is needed, just drop by. Bring your prescription insurance card if you have it, or red, white and blue Medicare card if you are on Medicare. For those who are uninsured or don’t want to bill insurance, the cost is $26 and can be paid with cash or a check made out to Brookshire’s Pharmacy. You’ll leave protected with a quad shot for 4-strain protection, and a higher dose shot for those 65+.

There are limited free parking spaces in front of 416 Cotton (please do not park in the area with the ‘No Parking’/Do Not Block Entrance sign), but if those are filled, there is free lot parking at the NW corner of Marshall and Cotton Street. Hope to see you Monday!