The Missing Link, a popular food truck, goes brick and mortar with a space that perfectly captures a Jules Verne-Industrial vibe. The restaurant’s home is the ground floor of the historic Hutchinson Building, 504 Texas St. Right across from the Caddo Parish Courthouse, the space is dead center in the heart of the Central Business District and a stone’s throw from Government Plaza, District Court and a number of office buildings. From the moment you walk up to front of the building and see the huge black metal doors that beckon you into something akin to the ‘League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’, you’ll know you’re not in Kansas (or on Texas Street) anymore. 

From custom pottery cups specially made for the restaurant to a dashing painting of Honest Abe, the restaurant is getting all the details done right. Next up: the opening and the food! TML is looking at a ‘soft opening’ the end of May/early June. Plans are to get open and then make application for a sidewalk cafe in order to be able to take dining into the great outdoors. Want to keep up with The Missing Link? Check out their progress and ‘like’ their Facebook page!