If you’ve decided that this is the year you ask your significant other to spend a lifetime together, you want it to be memorable, right? We have a couple of ideas how to make the event unforgettable. Way #1: Underwater at the Shreveport Aquarium.
For $250, the Shreveport Aquarium will suit up a diver in the ‘Tunnel of Love.’ and when you come in, your special someone will see a marriage proposal more than sharks, stingrays and eels swimming around. The $250 includes one-year season passes for two, a bottle of champagne and, of course, a memory you will both treasure for a lifetime!
#2- In the Theater After Your Favorite Romantic Movie
Rent one of the theaters at Robinson Film Center, invite your best friends and watch your favorite romantic tearjerker, rom-com or vintage romance while you enjoy popcorn and drinks. After it is over, bring your special person to the front of the theater and pop the question! (We’ll bet you can create a slide to go up on the screen just for this!)

Everyone cheering after the answer was ‘yes.’

#3 Overlooking Downtown
Plan with the Remington Suites Hotel and Spa, Abby Singer’s Bistro or the Shreveport Regional Arts Council (SRAC) to ask the big question from on high. Reserve a table on the patio of Abby Singer’s Bistro overlooking Texas Street and the downtown skyline, on the rooftop deck of Remington overlooking the Central Business District or spend a night at the Kallenberg Artist Tower airbnb run by SRAC and ask at the end of a picnic on the roof. From there, you can see all of downtown and Shreveport Common. No matter where you choose – here’s wishing you a happy life!

Pop the question on the top of the KAT tower prior to or after a romantic one- or two-night Staycation there.