November 7, 2018 @ 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm America/Chicago Timezone
The Korner Lounge
800 Louisiana Avenue Shreveport
LA 71101

Artist Reception for Kegan Kidd

Join us WEDNESDAY, NOV. 7th at KORNER LOUNGE to celebrate the works by flow artist KEGAN KIDD during the November Downtown Artwalk! You can see more of Kidd’s projects here —-> Primal Flow Studio Texarkana

“Primarily working in abstract mixed media, using flow/fluid techniques, my pieces are created by utilizing a deep love of vibrant color, movement, and chemistry. I often create and amend my acrylic mixes by using micro components, such as iridescent pigments, powdered gold leaf, and superfine glitter. I rely on those additions to fundamentally change the way that these colors and mixtures interact with eachother, such as the effects on surface tension and viscosity. Those interactions create the kind of soft iridescence, fine cells, and delicate lacing that characterize my work. The intended visual effect of my work is two-fold: when viewed from a distance, the vibrancy and movement create an automatic subconscious recognition and appreciation that is primal and visceral, in much the same way that a brightly colored polished Geode or a Hubble photo of the Milky Way can. When viewed closely, the delicacy and intricacy of the colors blending and reacting, the lacing and cells, and the iridescent quality that ebbs and flows through each piece can be fascinating to study in detail. I hope to draw a deeper appreciation for the things that entrance that primal part of ourselves, through those dynamic and harmonious shapes, structures, and patterns.”

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