Fertitta’s Grocery Store and later, deli, has been a part of the downtown Shreveport scene since the early 1920’s. The little store at Fairfield and Howell Streets has been home to several Sicilian-American Shreveport families and to many years of good food. We love that the blog Only In Your State spent a little time at Fertitta’s and came away with an appreciation of how special this little restaurant – and the McCall family- are.

Read the Only in Your State Story on Fertitta’s Here.

Walk into Fertitta’s, and back in time, any Monday through Friday from 10:30 am- 2 pm. On the limited menu, you will find multiple Muffaletta options. The  meat and olive mix- filled sandwich is a restaurant favorite and the word ‘Muffy‘ is actually a registered trademark of Fertitta’s! The Muffy is a core staple of their menu and you can get several variations- one with extra meat, a vegetarian with no meat and a turkey version. There are other yummy things on the menu, too, from hot meatball sandwiches to a heaping salad with meat and olives to a personal-sized hot pizza pie. While the law does not state that you must wash your meal down with their special sweet tea, we think it should.  One post on Facebook talks about the feeling of the place, the fact that no music is blaring when you walk in, the sounds you hear are those of the century-old creaking floorboards and conversation. We think that’s just the way it ought to be.