Mike Sylvester and a few of his many downtown friends.


The remembrances started appearing on Facebook this past weekend as news that Mike Sylvester had passed.

Why is that so many responded in this way? Well, Mike was a unique human. He used to tell me that he had lived in downtown longer than anyone else, first at the Fairmont Apartments and later, at the Lofts at 624. It was something he was proud of; he loved downtown. He was single, but never alone. He found friends along the way at the downtown eateries he haunted, at downtown music spots, at Rhino Coffee, out on his many-mile walkabouts, and especially, at Robinson Film Center and Abby Singer’s Bistro- a place that was perhaps his favorite in the world.



According to friend Allison Hollis Moon, Mike wanted to be cremated and spread at the beautiful Holy Cross church on Cotton Street. He didn’t want anyone to “make a fuss” about it, but the memories will come tonight at Abby Singer’s Bistro  from 5-7 pm as friends have a drink in his memory on the balcony.



One tribute to this special man read:
My incredible and dear friend Mike passed yesterday. I really haven’t had the words to post. If you know me at all, you know how much Mike meant to me. If you knew Mike at all, you know how much RFC and downtown meant to him. I hope he’s enjoying all the movies, art, ballet, opera, historical books, crosswords, music and especially Bob Dylan in a better place. He will be missed dearly by so many. RFC will never be the same without you Mike. Don’t we hope we will all be remembered in this way? Goodbye for now, Mike. Enjoy your walks in the sunshine; your movies, books and music with friends and family. We hope to see you again one day.