All the benefits of yoga are now as close as 624 Texas Street at the Lofts. Humm Yoga, whose fun slogan is ‘move at your frequency’, has just opened their new modern, natural light-filled studio in the historic former Sears department store, now an apartment, commercial and coffee hub downtown.

Owners Chessi Nasif May and Monica Fayad are long-time yoga practitioners, each with 25 years of yoga practice. They have taken their 34 years of combined teaching experience to new ‘heights,’ to Suite 209 just above Rhino Coffee at the Lofts at 624.

Yoga focuses on respiratory health to boost the immune system, and is proven to help reduce blood pressure, decrease the risk of heart disease, improve the quality of sleep and prevent ‘burn-out’ from stress. Humm classes focus on alleviating low back pain, increasing strength, flexibility and balance all while relieving physical tension and mental stress.

The business offers a variety of yoga and fitness classes ranging from Gentle Yin Yoga to Power Yoga. The fitness classes focus on alignment and form while using light weights to tone and sculpt. Classes are small enough to allow instructors to teach modifications during group classes to tailor to each individual’s specific needs and unique goals. Small class sizes and private wellness consultations ensure individualized fitness programs that are both fun and highly effective.

Go to their website to see schedules and classes, learn more about their highly qualified instructors, sign-up, book ahead and get great deals on affordable class passes.  Follow Humm on Facebook @humm318, Instagram @humm_318 or subscribe to their newsletter.  If you have questions, the Humm Help Desk can answer them.

Come find your frequency at Humm!