As the weather turns cooler, the DDA Streetscape’s divisions thoughts turn to the holidays and all the many festive green wreaths they will be hanging! This fun chore generally takes several weeks to complete.

Each year leading up the holidays, the crew changes out lightbulbs on- and hangs- about 400 wreaths throughout downtown.

The wreaths, along with the fabulous decorations on the riverfront put up by DSU and the City of Shreveport, create a festive, twinkly city center. This year, our job was made much easier with help from the CPA firm of Heard, McElroy and Vestal, who are now our heroes!

All smiles and lights!

HMV has been on a mission this year- their 75th in business- to complete a variety of public service projects—and downtown was the recipient of two of those very helpful workdays. One was in the middle of our very hot summer. On a sweltering Friday afternoon, members of the firm donned shorts and tees and pruned, clipped and sawed to help us make downtown trees and shrubs prettier. The other work was just a few days ago when HMV volunteers came to our Streetscape shop and checked every light bulb on hundreds of wreaths. Even for people who LOVE Christmas, this can be a chore!

Checking the wreath for burned out bulbs.

Every bulb lighted, every bulb in its place.

Happiness= lighted wreaths!

By the end of the workday, Downtown’s wreaths were ready for the 2021 holiday show, saving us hours of work. Thank you, HMV! We appreciate ALL that you have helped us with downtown and wish you 75 years more!