First, to the really important stuff. After years of being able to get Noble Savage Tavern’s remarkably creative and delicious cuisine only at night and only while sitting in a space heavy with tobacco smoke, starting Monday, Jan. 13, you will be able to go for lunch in a smoke-free environment. While the weight of that statement sinks in, understand the change was at the request of new chef Jon Ortiz.  “We felt that we have a lot to offer with his excellent and locally sourced menu,” says manager DeWitt Bradley. “We know that there are some great restaurants in the downtown area but thought that we have a little something different to offer.”

Part of the difference will be the sourcing. NST is using greens from downtown’s Cotton St. Farms for their new Cotton St. Salad and the soon-to-open Retro Baking Company is making the brioche bun for NST’s standout hamburger. The other difference is the reason the Savage has been so popular for so long. “The Noble Savage is truly a unique place in the Ark-La-Tex. We are one of the very few places that offers live music nightly, a warm and inviting atmosphere, excellent food and great drinks. We are also a place where you can enjoy a nice cigar with a great scotch. The building that we are in is over 100 years old and has been many things in that time.  We have been in business since 1996 and some of our staff have been here since day 1,” says Bradley.

What can you expect for the new lunch service starting Monday, Jan. 13? The same great food and service, but smaller portions and lunchtime value. Downtown employees need only mention they work downtown to get a 10% discount off all food and non-alcoholic beverages. Lunch will be served from 11 am- 2 pm, Monday-Friday.

Remember that NST is a bar, so you must be 21 years old to enter.  The menu offers a little of a lot, but don’t fear if you don’t see a favorite like the much-loved Reuben sandwich. Chef Ortiz says it will make occasional appearances as a Special.

According to Ortiz “We have also reduced the price of our burgers and pizza. Downtown workers can expect to pay $10.80 for our burger, pizza, Shreveport hot chicken, and $9.16 for a quarter muff. These all include two sides and a drink. We will also be introducing a salad curated by Cotton St. Farms that will be $10. ” In opening for a non-smoking lunch, the bar is able to straddle a tough line- providing a time and space for those people who say they cannot patronize NST because of the smoking while keeping the evenings for their loyal customers, many of whom do smoke.  We look forward to the opening of NST at lunch, to their quirky menu, laid-back atmosphere and ‘Cheers’ vibe. We hope you do, too. See you at the Savage!



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