For years, The Noble Savage Tavern has given downtown special Shreveport bragging rights. There was no other restaurant in Shreveport that used such unique ingredients and promoted such unique wild game specialties. If music was your calling, TNS was also the ‘go-to’ for live performances. Each week brought everything from jazz and acoustic to 80s cover to lilting Irish jigs. And is The Noble Savage a bar or a restaurant? No one ever seemed to know for sure.

TNS has been hit hard by COVID-19, forced to first close, then open only for takeout. Now though, The Noble Savage restaurant is back, open for dine-in food service and the food is once again something to write home about.

Recent items have included the $20 Sous vide teres steak and Parmesan herb fries with chimichurri paired with a wildflower honey old fashioned or roasted bone marrow topped with parmesan, breadcrumbs, and sautéed oyster mushrooms with grilled rye, lemon, and wildflower honey. Sandwiches like the Savage Reuben and Hot Pickled Nachos are on the menu, too.

Their French Onion Ramen soup has gained a huge fan following and now they are selling their handmade ramen noodles for you to take home and cook in your own special dish. They are $3 for 3 oz of noodles.

Do yourself a favor and go enjoy a nice evening of wonderful food and beverage at The Noble Savage. Dine in and drinks are Mon.-Sat. 5 pm- 2 am, (Full menu is available 5 pm- 11 pm, gumbo and chef snacks from 11 pm- 2 am), their ‘reverse’ happy hour (Sad hour?) is 10 pm- 2 am. If you can’t make it but still want some of their food, On The Go and DoorDash! Delivery hours are 5 pm-11 pm. Come. Eat. Drink. Enjoy and Repeat. There’s always something delicious at The Noble Savage.