One of the ‘soft’ openings!

Yes, you’ve heard it- The Noble Savage is back! The iconic downtown eatery, watering hole and music hall opened officially Wednesday, Sept. 21 after several nights and days of soft openings and staff trainings.

Liz and KSLA’s Michael Barnes.

Elizabeth Walkoviak was once a customer here, one who loved the space but realized even at the time that it needed some work. As one of the owners, she and her partners have been able to make the space brighter, more functional and much cleaner. The interior wall separating the spaces is gone, the bar is rebuilt, the stage has been enlarged, the furnishings and much of the kitchen are new.

The new look.


You are invited to come see the new space for yourself, but you’ll want to do more than look; you’ll want to sample dishes off the new menu, try some of Liz’ new craft cocktails, and enjoy the music which will once again feature a weekly (every Wednesday night, 8 pm) dose of Dirty Redd. Soon, you’ll be able to hear music every Wednesday through Saturday.

Belly up to the bar!

Starting Monday, Sept. 26, TNS will be open 11 am- 11 pm, Monday- Thursday, and 11 am- midnight Friday and Saturdays. Also beginning Monday will be standard lunch specials and one or two extra options. Ordering off the menu is always available.

“People are so excited,” Liz told a reporter covering the return. “There are so many memories here. We want to make even more.”