It seems only yesterday that the doors to downtown’s iconic The Noble Savage were thrown open again, much to the delight of lovers of great food, live music, and TNS’ welcoming, clubby feel.

How time flies.

The Noble Savage is now celebrating a full year back with a weekend of fun, food and music. “People were so excited about the reopening,” says partner Shilpan Patel. “They were also happy about the changes we made in creating a restaurant instead of a bar.” “We (Shilpan’s partners and he) love being downtown. And like so many others, we had no idea at the number of small Mom-and-Pop businesses that are here. I would love more people to support them – and come see us!”

There is definitely reason to do both.

Thursday, Sept. 21
Happy Hour all day long, Tambria Adams, Ryan Ross, and Jason Sepulvado will bring an evening of acoustic melodies @ 8 pm. Games, food, and prizes!
Friday, Sept 22
The Ellerbees live @ 8 pm.
Saturday, Sept 23
LSU vs. Arkansas @ 6 pm and Chuck Jones on stage @ 8 pm. Lunch and Dinner specials daily.

KSLA TV and managing partner Liz Walkoviak.

Managing partner Liz Walkoviak leans into the term ‘legendary’ when talking about TNS. “Since we reopened our doors a year ago we have learned the term legendary means something different to so many. The legends told of the place, the people, and the memories are abundant! When we decided our mission, to keep that legend alive, we knew we were in for a wild ride, and boy, has it been one heck of a year! So today we celebrate that year of legends made and look toward continuing to grow. From rolling out our new lunch menu next week to continuing to be the live music destination in downtown we look forward to to being the Legendary Downtown Food & Drink Experience for years to come! Cheers to 1 year!”


TNS’ new, open interior.

If you haven’t been by the ‘new’ Noble Savage, know that much has changed. It is no longer known as a ‘Tavern’ to show that the space is family-friendly.

The interior was totally rehabbed, opened up and cleaned to within an inch of its life. The more open concept makes for easier flow, more seating and space for a larger and much more functional stage. You can also order off the menu until close.

Some important things have remained. There is still nightly music, generally starting at 8pm. The adult drinks are still wonderfully unique, and personalized tankards are still available.

Go by soon and lift your glass to many more wonderful years for TNS!


Sept. 21, 2022

One of the ‘soft’ openings!

Yes, you’ve heard it- The Noble Savage is back! The iconic downtown eatery, watering hole and music hall opened officially Wednesday, Sept. 21 after several nights and days of soft openings and staff trainings.

Liz and KSLA’s Michael Barnes.

Elizabeth Walkoviak was once a customer here, one who loved the space but realized even at the time that it needed some work. She and the team of investor/owners have been able to make the space brighter, more functional and much cleaner. The interior wall separating the spaces is gone, the bar is rebuilt, the stage has been enlarged, the furnishings and much of the kitchen are new.

The new look.

You are invited to come see the new space for yourself, but you’ll want to do more than look; you’ll want to sample dishes off the new menu, try some of Liz’ new craft cocktails, and enjoy the music which will once again feature a weekly (every Wednesday night, 8 pm) dose of Dirty Redd. Soon, you’ll be able to hear music every Wednesday through Saturday.

Belly up to the bar!

Starting Monday, Sept. 26, TNS will be open 11 am- 11 pm, Monday- Thursday, and 11 am- midnight Friday and Saturdays. Also beginning Monday will be standard lunch specials and one or two extra options. Ordering off the menu is always available.

“People are so excited,” Liz told a reporter covering the return. “There are so many memories here. We want to make even more.”