Are you in the market for a 13″ long antique jeweler’s case? Retro Down Town Cafe owner Kristi Tift hopes so. The beautiful piece that takes up considerable real estate in the new Retro Downtown BBQ needs to go. It’s not that there’s no love, it’s that there’s no room. Love, or tables? It’s been a tough call.

The wood and glass display piece has three interior wooden shelves in addition to the glass top. The ends are curved with unusual (and expensive) curved glass. Tift and Retro BBQ’s Shawn Feaster need to replace the display case with more tables to service patrons coming by to tuck into Feaster’s giant plates of BBQ hot links and BBQ beef sandwiches with two sides and a drink.

If you’re interested in the display case, you can take a look at it anytime Retro Downtown BBQ is open. Tift is asking $2700, contact her at Retro Down Town Cafe for additional details.