If you had your mouth set for a delicious Pop N Pizza last weekend and were disappointed that the shop had to turn you away for a few hours, know that it was because Britt, Trill and the Pop N crew were elbow deep in making pizza dough and history.

On the door at Pop N Pizza Nov. 5. The crew was inside, and flour was flying!


The restaurant at 500 Texas Street had gotten their LARGEST order ever, 100 pizza pies and various other goodies…wings and salads and drinks…for the big HBCU Educational Conference at LSU Health Shreveport.
“They asked for a variety of pizzas,” says Brittani Shabazz, co-owner of Pop N Pizza, “We made all kinds… veggies, pepperoni, cheese, beef, sausage. We anticipated 5 hours to get them done but it took just a little longer.”
Shabazz says Rep. Cedric Glover played a big role in getting the job for them, and we are not surprised to hear that Rep. Glover is a fan of what many swear is the best pizza in Shreveport/Bossier.
“I’m a huge fan of the whole team at Pop N Pizza,” says Glover. ” They have grown a solid business built on a great following of people who love their approach to pizza. Seeing them choose to move into a downtown corner location and make a commitment to help rebuild the city’s core is even more inspiring.”
“It’s why Pop N Pizza came immediately to mind when I spoke to Dr. Toni Thibeaux regarding the then upcoming third annual Shreveport medical school HBCU conference and the planned Saturday night pizza party.
The combination of dozens of prospective HBCU medical students coming to Shreveport from across the country paired up with boxes and boxes of uniquely Shreveport Pop N Pizzas just simply made sense to me. The only question was could the Pop N Pizza team handle such a large single order at one time and on a Saturday night? According to all reviews, the answer is a resounding Yes!”

Pop N Pizza co-owner Trill having fun downtown.

While making the rent on a big ticket is a great thing, Pop N Pizza has something else to celebrate, too. The uber popular Social Media video feed TikTok has noticed Pop N Pizza in a big way and recently asked Shabazz to create a video on how TikTok has impacted their business. “TikTok is creating a new platform that isn’t complete yet, but you can find our video on the TikTokImpact page, and of course on our Facebook page, says Shabazz. Do not underestimate how big an ‘ask’ this is. TikTok has access to tens of thousands of businesses around the globe and that they chose Pop N Pizza as one to highlight says something about both the Pop N business and Britt’s skill at sharing their message with video. Congratulations to Pop N Pizza!