The Louisiana Film, Music, Fashion and Food Prize has gone mostly online for 2020, but the opportunities for fun remain!

Louisiana Film Prize

Instead of gathering in multiple venues to watch the Orange and Teal Slates of films this year, your ticket will allow you to watch the slates when you want Oct. 2-11. After you watch both slates, you will be able to vote on Best Film and Best Performance.

Buy your tickets here. Use the promo word ‘FEST’ and save on a Combo Pass

Louisiana Food Prize

To participate in the Food Prize, go by any of the participating restaurants and pick up a FREE Food Prize Passport. (The downtown restaurants/chefs are Abby Singer’s Bistro/Chef Tootie Morrison and Noble Savage Tavern/Chef Jon Ortiz). You must eat the chef’s special dishes at at least THREE of the participating restaurants and get your Passport punched at each venue. Afterward, you can cast your ballot for the Food Prize/Power to the People $1,000 award. This is going on now through Oct. 11.

Louisiana Music Prize

Information Coming Soon.

Louisiana Fashion Prize

Information Coming Soon.