Are you sick of seeing trash in your city?
Did you know the trash you see is getting into one of our water sources, the Red River, and is then just days away from the Gulf of Mexico? Do something about it! Join the #stopthedrop mission and help clean up the river and the surrounding areas at the 8th Annual Red River Cleanup.

Registration begins at 8am under the big tent OR you can pre-register

You will receive everything you need to safely pick up trash. (You’ll get a t-shirt, pickers, water, garbage bags, and gloves)
Volunteers are shuttled by bus/van and boats to predetermined areas in need of cleaning or they can walk the banks and surrounding areas as a group.

While you are out, if you come across a piece of trash that is strange, funny or unique bring it back to the tent to enter into the Crazy Trash Contest.

Once everyone has done their share, we have delicious lunch ready for you under the big tent beginning at 12 pm.

Blazing Wing Challenge at 12:15pm. Winner receives a Buffalo Wild Wings gift certificate.

Winners of trash contest will be announced at 12:30-12:45pm.
Any questions, email