Shreveport Common Park

On Tuesday, the Shreveport City Council will vote to allow Mayor Ollie Tyler to move $1.2 million in Economic Development Administration (EDA) grants slated to return to Washington to the shovel-ready Shreveport Common greenspace.

Mayor Ollie Tyler made the announcement recently, kicking the project into high gear, and promising a groundbreaking in late summer. The jump start from the city joins private and other governmental dollars in bringing a much-needed urban park to Downtown Shreveport.

Baton Rouge downtown park

The Shreveport Common Park will be the hub of a 9-block art and culture district on the west edge of downtown Shreveport, and is expected to act in much the same manner as the Greenway Park in downtown Baton Rouge —as a catalyst for continued private economic development in the area. The park also fills a longtime request by those who live, work and play downtown: that of more curated and maintained greenspace.

Heliopolis story on Shreveport Common Park

Video of what the Shreveport Common Park will look like.

If the council approved the use of the money, plans for green in Shreveport Common will move full speed ahead!