If you have ever wanted to see Olympic quality shade casting, you need wait no longer. Two of downtown’s favorite watering holes have taken a funny back- and- forth to social media, much to the delight of onlookers. Noble Savage Tavern at 417 Texas Street and Stray Cat at 222 Travis Street have been lobbing humorous barb(ettes) for the past couple of weeks about food skills or the lack thereof.

First, a bit o’ background. NST is known for lots of fancy Dan, but exceedingly delicious, meal options. A significant part of their menu used to revolve around wild game, but new chef Jon Ortiz is making his name known with dishes like grilled quail with broccolini and potato hash, served with rosemary demi glacé and shrimp and swordfish etouffee. They are also working to source as much as possible locally.

Recent Noble Savage Tavern Special

In addition to the great food at dinner and daily lunches, you can get all kinds of adult beverages and enjoy nightly music. Stray Cat, by contrast, is smaller and more intimate, and envelopes patrons in a ‘Cheers’ like welcoming atmosphere. You do not go there for the food, although there is always a hearty frozen pizza at ready. A well-used toaster oven and tin cup whip out such hearty bites as ….this. Thankfully, whatever this is comes with a large shot of very potent Fireball and one of the nicer paper plates we have seen recently.

Recent mystery thing from Stray Cat.

Farmer Jeb’s Organic DiGiorno Pizza Farm

In order to help little sister Stray up their somewhat weak food game, NST has reached out on social media to assist with local food sourcing.

We LOVE Shreveport. We love it so much, that over 80% of our menu is locally sourced. We want to help as many businesses as possible keep Shreveport’s money in Shreveport. That’s why we’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with Jeb’s Pizza Farm to help our little sister bar Stray Cat provide you guys with the finest organically grown DiGiorno around. #supportlocalswhobuylocalt

We encourage you to ‘like’ both the Stray Cat and Noble Savage Tavern FB pages, read their hilarious posts and visit them often. These unique, fun businesses are local treasures and the way we keep them strong is to patronize them often (and bring friends)!