In 2017, a talented and nice guy named Ben Whalen formed a company called Ben’s Body Basics. He started selling his natural bath and body products at farmers’ markets and festivals, at art walks and pop-ups. He was everywhere, touting his plant-based products, aimed at making you look and feel better without harsh and harmful chemicals. He was everywhere. As his popularity grew, so did his product line, and other things- such as wonderful home sprays and candles that smell of peaches and the forest, of rare spices and rain.

It is rare to see Ben behind the table. He is generally in front, talking to customers.

Clean Slate Botanicals was born, a line that incorporates his variety of all natural products and home gifts. On Saturday, September 10, he will host the Grand Opening of his new brick-and-mortar store at 717 Crockett Street and you’re invited to attend.

717 Crockett, home to Clean Slate Botanicals

At the opening, you’ll be able to see and try Ben’s whole line of all natural items, as well as his new-ish line of candles. The process for making great candles ‘is art and science’ according to Ben.

Handmade candles in Ben’s handmade vessels.

The space will allow Ben to offer things like ladies’ night out parties and crafting opportunities so that your party will be able to make unique room sprays or bath salts. It’s what Ben calls ‘interactive retail’ and it is something he has been wanting to do.

In addition, Ben will be able to ‘private label’ items for high-end hotels or bed and breakfasts, and he will be looking at other options for scaling his business, always with an eye toward the next level and more great products.

The opening of Clean Slate Botanicals will be part of Second Saturday Downtown, and the DDA is proud to be a sponsor of both. We’ll see you Saturday, Sept. 10!