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Downtown History Tours

Each one of the buildings and spaces in Downtown Shreveport has stories to tell. More than 180 years old, downtown has lived through it all – war(s),  economic collapse, a legal Red Light District, gunfights in the streets, Yellow Fever, railroad wealth, oil and gas millions, Huddie Ledbetter, Howard Hughes, Elvis Presley. Our tales are big and bold, writ large by people who were unwilling to take no for an answer and whose decisions were incredibly wise and unreasonably idiotic. They are no longer around to speak for themselves, so we now do it for them. You owe it...

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July Downtown Artwalk

July’s artwalk is all about life, liberty and the pursuit of…art, of course! Enjoy the July stroll downtown that will include art and artists, music, history and drawing. Toss in some food, drinks and a cool old building or two, and you’ve got yourself an evening to remember. This month, go by minicine? at 846 Texas Avenue to see the ‘not and, and so’ exhibit featuring new works in tile, paint, wood, wax, plaster, and sound by Allison West, Jon Mackey, John Martin and Matt Dinkins. Wander through the beautiful Asian Gardens and see how many cultures you can...

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Dog Friendly Downtown

You’ve heard it before. Downtown has gone to the dogs, and we’re actually pretty happy about that. One downtown developer has had a really hard time renting his apartments because of his ‘no-pet’ policy. Statistics say that 44% of Americans own dogs, 29% own cats. Because of that policy, he is turning away 60% (total # of pet owners) of the people who might have been interested in his space. That’s a lot of people to tell that you don’t want their money or business. Because of this dog love connection, more and more businesses are becoming pet friendly. (Some...

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Twenty Days of Winning with Parkmobile Parking App!

Starting July 10, Parkmobile, the City of Shreveport and ShrevePark will be hosting Twenty Days of Winning. It’s free to participate and super easy—all you have to do is use your Parkmobile app for a parking session downtown! What? That’s all? Yep, it’s that simple. Four days a week for five weeks, we will be choosing a random lucky winner from the list of people who used the parking app the day before. (On Tuesday, we will choose one who used the app on Monday and so on.) We will call you and let you know that you have...

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