Well, rats. KTBS is saying 90% chance of rain Saturday afternoon/early evening, the National Weather Service says 70% with a possibility of severe. We have cancelled the OUTDOOR events only. We still invite you to attend the great ‘Art of the Dog’ reception at the Marlene Yu Museum, 710 Travis, and enjoy the ‘Pup’ specials at Parish Taceaux and Abby Singer’s Bistro.  Leashed, well-behaved pups will still be allowed at Art of the Dog, but unfortunately, cannot go inside the restaurants, and if it is raining, there will be no outdoor seating.  

Bring your fuzzy friend to Saturday’s Downtown Pup Crawl and Art of the Dog Saturday, April 6, 5-9 pm. Bring your leashed pet and view the Art of the Dog art exhibit at the Marlene Yu Museum, 710 Travis Street, from 5-7 p.m. Afterwards, enjoy specials at Abby Singer’s Bistro in the Robinson Film Center (617 Texas St.) and Parish Taceaux, 708 Texas St.